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A November 1, 1803 edition of the Kentucky Gazette, a Lexington newspaper, republished news from a Louisville newspaper no longer extant about Lewis's arrival at the Falls of the Ohio in October 1803:

Kentucky Gazette, 1 November 1803

A November 8, 1803 edition of the Kentucky Gazette noted the Corps of Discovery's departure from the Falls:

Kentucky Gazette, 1 November 1803

The first word of the expedition's successful return - literally a news extra - was printed on October 2, 1806 in the Frankfort newspaper The Palladium:

The Palladium, 2 October 1806

The first detailed printed account of the expedition's return was printed in the The Palladium on October 9:

The Palladium, 9 October 1806

This article included the text of William Clark's 23 September 1806 letter to his brother Jonathan. (Read more about William's letters to Jonathan)

An October 11, 1806 article in The Western World, another Frankfort newspaper, also noted the Corps triumphant return to St. Louis:

The Western World, 11 October 1806

These accounts were picked up and circulated by other papers, announcing to the nation Lewis and Clark's successful return.

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