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Our thanks go to the following for their work, talents, and permissions regarding the Lewis and Clark in Kentucky website.

The Kentucky State Legislature and Governor Ernie Fletcher for their support of and appropriation to the Kentucky Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission.

The Filson Historical Society for developing and building the site under a grant from the Kentucky Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission and images from its collection. Special thanks go to Elizabeth Kissack, Jim Holmberg, Noah Huffman, and Brian Pollock of The Filson for all their work and contributions to the site.

Kentucky Historical Society for its support and resources.

Miki Wright of Egg Design for the site design (859-226-0559, miki.wright@scrambledegg.com).

John Gilkey re: the Lewis and Clark at the Falls of the Ohio brochure.

Falls of the Ohio Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Committee regarding its Lewis and Clark at the Falls of the Ohio brochure.

Ed Hamilton (www.edhamiltonworks.com) for photos regarding his York statue.

Portraits of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark by Charles Willson Peale featured on each page of the site appear courtesy of Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia.

Joe Musselman of Discovering Lewis and Clark (www.lewis-clark.org) for permission to use material from that site.

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