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Joseph and Reubin Field

Field brothers at Moreau River
Michael Haynes Historic Art

Joseph (ca. 1780-1807) and Reubin (ca. 1781-ca. 1822) Field were born in Virginia (probably Culpeper County). The family settled in the Fishpools area of southern Jefferson County in 1784. The brothers were excellent hunters and became two of the first three recruits for the expedition. After the expedition, Meriwether Lewis described the Field brothers as "Two of the most active and enterprising young men who accompanied us. It was their peculiar fate to have been engaged in all the most dangerous and difficult scenes of the voyage, in which they acquitted themselves with much honor." Joseph had been killed by October 1807 and Reubin eventually settled on a farm in southwestern Jefferson County not far from where the brothers had grown up.

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