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Historical markers : John Shields

John Shields historical marker, Hardin Co.
Jim Holmberg

Marker Number: 2123
County: Hardin
Location: West Point, 3rd & Elm Sts.

Description: One of the "Nine Young Men From Ky." that accompanied Lewis and Clark on 1803-6 expedition to the Pacific Ocean. Shields was born in Va. and moved to Ky. in the 1790s. By 1803 he was married and living in West Point, Hardin Co. Over.

John Shields historical marker, Hardin Co.
Jim Holmberg

(Reverse) - John Shields (1769-1809) - Wm. Clark recruited Shields to be primary blacksmith and gunsmith on expedition. He was also one of the main hunters and cured a fellow explorer of a serious back ailment. After the expedition, Shields moved to Ind. where he died in Dec. 1809. Presented by Hardin Co.-West Point L & C Bicentennial Com.; Ohio River Chapter-L & C Trail Heritage Foundation; National Park Service; Ky. L & C Bicentennial Commission.

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