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Historical markers : Falls of the Ohio

Lewis & Clark Expedition

Marker Number: 1451
County: Jefferson
Location: At the Wharf, 4th St., Louisville

Marker on Louisville wharf

Description: Exploration of the Northwest Territory was the first expedition undertaken by U.S. Government. Planned by President Thomas Jefferson. Led by Army Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Lewis began voyage at Pittsburgh; descended River to falls of the Ohio, Louisville, where he met Clark. On Oct. 26, 1803, they set out on historic journey westward. Over.

Marker on Louisville wharf, reverse

(Reverse) William Clark (1770-1838) - Brother of George Rogers Clark. Born in Va. Came to Louisville in 1785. He was commissioned Lt. in Army in 1792 and served four years, two years in same division with Meriwether Lewis. After leaving Army, he returned to Louisville. From 1803 to 1806 was with Lewis on expedition. In 1807, he moved to St. Louis. Named Gov. of Missouri Territory, 1813. Over.

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