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Historical markers : Big Bone Lick

Marker Number: 2124
County: Boone
Location: Big Bone Lick State Park

Big Bone Lick marker

Description: In Oct. 1803, while traveling down Ohio River to meet Wm. Clark for expedition to Pacific, Meriwether Lewis visited Big Bone Lick. He was to gather fossilized bones for Pres. Thomas Jefferson. In Sept. 1807, Clark supervised a 3-week dig for bones at Jefferson's request.

(Reverse) Big Bone Lick - Scientists consider William Clark's dig at Big Bone Lick in 1807 as establishing American vertebrate paleontology. Bones found here by Clark included mastodon and mammoth. Prehistoric native American artifacts found were given to Dr. Wm. Goforth in Cincinnati. Sponsored by Friends of Big Bone, Ohio River Chapter-Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, National Park Service, Kentucky Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission.

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