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Historical markers : Mulberry Hill

Mulberry Hill historical marker
Mulberry Hill historical marker (reverse)

Marker Number: 2087
County: Jefferson
Location: Louisville, Filson Ave. at George Rogers Clark Park

Description: Home of William Clark from 1785 to 1803, who was a leader of Lewis and Clark Expedition to the west 1803-6. Also home to York, his slave who went with the Corps of Discovery on the expedition. Over. Presented by Falls of the Ohio Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Committee.

(Reverse) Mulberry Hill - Home of John and Ann Clark and their family, which included sons George Rogers and William Clark. Clarks built house ca. 1785 and family lived here until 1860s. Remains of house and outbuildings razed in 1917 for WWI facility Camp Zachary Taylor. Family cemetery remains with graves of John and Ann Clark and other family members. Presented by Metro Parks of Louisville and Jefferson Co.

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